Latinakatze Show

What is the show about?

When Julia Tronina enters the stage, she is never alone. The multitalented singer, actress, dancer, songwriter and comedian has always company of her many personalities: The pious polish immigrant ERNA, who is always grumpy and complaining about not having any grandchildren, NAGELSUSI, the cheeky nail designer, who is craving for a famous life on social media to compensate the lack of love and attention by her mother and bawd CELESTINA, who is successfully running the “temple of pleasure” by hating and seductively using men and empowering her female employees like the manic-depressive prostitute HELENA, who is falling and failing in work and love.

The story takes place in a little town in North Germany in the beginning of the 21st century. The polish immigrant Erna cannot deal anymore with the unbearable pain of a life without grandchildren because her stubborn son HERMANN does not want to fulfill God’s will of getting laid successfully. By a stroke of destiny she finds a letter of Nagelsusi, in which she is not only promoting herself with her never ending list of talents and services but also the “temple of pleasure”. Erna takes the chance to follow this undeniable sign from heaven and calls Celestina…

Our energetic all-rounder Julia Tronina is inviting us into her world of absurd theatre, original healing acoustic music and modern dance that deals with love, joy, hate and pain to make us laugh, provoke us to think and appreciate the diversity among and within us. If you want to know how the stories goes on while you are sitting in a rollercoaster of feelings and being amused and irritated by sarcastic monologues and dialogues you should safe your booking for “Latinakatze Show”.

How did you get the idea for the One Woman Show?

“I was inspired by studying musical and slipping into different roles. Three of my women are inspired by characters of famous plays. I noticed that I especially enjoyed the outsider roles. Quickly switching from one personality to another turned out to be a special challenge for me, which I gladly accept and, judging by the amused reactions of the audience, master in an entertaining way. While singing and songwriting with my guitar, I started writing songs for roles and felt the urge to make a show out of it, with my own lyrics and songs.
In 2018 I created the four characters, who do not conform with society’s construct of a “normal person”, which in my opinion does not exist. The women of my show are often judged, punished with suspicious, amused and sometimes derogatory looks and words because of their reputed “otherness”.
My intention with “Latinakatze Show” is on the one hand to convey a picture of how individuals of these “groups” are often regarded by large parts of society according to my observations and make the audience and myself aware of our own pictures we create and promote. On the other hand, I would like to look behind the facade of the characters. For it often happens that we realise that the other person, who seems so different, has much more in common with us than we could have imagined; and we begin to treat the person with tolerance, empathy and kindness. If I can contribute to the promotion of diversity in my entertaining way, replace judgement and touch people’s souls with love and kindness, that would be my main goal.”

Crowdfunding, Youtube-Channel and first single

Due to the pandemic situation that started just after obtaining her diploma with honours in musical theatre in 2020, Julia Tronina looked for and found a solution how she can keep working on her Latinakatze Show and be in contact with her audience. She created a successful kickstarter campaign that enabled her to get the technical equipment to produce qualitative videos and recordings with her show characters on her newly launched Youtube channel.
One year later she released her first single “Gesehen, Gewusst, Geschwiegen” for Latinakatze Show, a german pop song she created completely on her own with a selfmade music video – Vocals, Lyrics, Guitar, Music Recording, Mixing, Camera, Video editing, Starring, Choreography, Styling, Make up, etc. all by Julia Tronina. In the Video of “Gesehen, Gewusst, Gechwiegen” she is staring as Helena. Of course all the other characters and her loyal supporter Herr Bert were also part of her Single Release Concert.

Peter Nitsche
A show without Herr Bert Travelbear would not be the same.