Latinakatze Show

Artwork & Logo by Alexei Graf von Rothkirch
Artwork & Logo by Alexei Graf von Rothkirch

The interactive Onewoman Music Theatre Comedy Programme “Latinakatze Show” empowers you with some embarrassing touch of live original Singer Songwriter and Latin – Folk Pop Music meets absurde humour.

What is the show about?

German introduction to Latinakatze Show:

Do you have a dream or a wish you want to pursuit, but you are afraid to be vulnerable and there is this fear and shame holding you back?
Are you curious for some humouristic approach to overcome your fears and shame and live your full potential and authentic self?
Do you like to be involved in an absurde and empowering experience with four struggling and lovely women and a teddy bear, who happen to meet each other and walk with them through the “door of love”?

If you can answer just one question with “yes” , you should continue reading and booking or watching “Latinakatze Show”.

When Julia Tronina aka. Latinakatze enters the stage, she is never alone. The multitalented singer, actress, dancer, songwriter and comedian has always company of her four inner weirdos, a little teddy bear and her “door of love”:


The pious polish immigrant ERNA is always grumpy and complaining about not having any grandchildren and collecting deposit bottles to get some satisfaction.


NAGELSUSI, the cheeky nail designer, who is craving for a famous life on social media no matter how to compensate the lack of love and attention by her mother and bawd CELESTINA.


CELESTINA is successfully running the “temple of pleasure” by controlling and seductively dancing into men’s hearts and empowering her female employees like HELENA.


HELENA is falling and failing in work and love. She is not sure about herself or anything and in the next moment manically confident about her love life with her customer HERR BERT.


HERR BERT is a little teddy bear, the passive and centered son of ERNA, who is the reason why all the characters of the Show get to know each other. It all starts because his mother sents him to the “temple of pleasure”…


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