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Julia Tronina is an international singer & songwriter, actress, dancer & choreographer, model, comedian & entertainer. The multitalented and multilingual woman has worked in a wide range of productions such as musicals, classical opera, theatre, circus, film, advertisement and photography.

In addition she is performing as an independent Solo Artist and mixes cover songs and her own acoustic folk pop-rock music accompanied by a classical guitar and a kazoo while she is acting, singing and dancing four characters of her own One Woman program called Latinakatze Show.


“Tonight Julia brought lots of soul through her amazing voice aboard AmaViola with touches of comedy and happiness. She is truly amazing.” (Guest of AmaWaterways)

Due to her charisma, touching voice, energetic dancing and entertaining skills likewise her diverse stage experiences and excellent sense for the needs and wishes of the audience the travelling stagestruck performer knows how to entertain and win them over in an authentic and heartwarming way.

You can book Julia Tronina not only for your (music, stage, film, photomodel) productions as a singer & songwriter, actress, dancer, choreographer, model, comedian and/or entertainer but also as a Solo artist with classical guitar and kazoo (and with band) for your private event (wedding, birthday, etc.) or your venue.

There is also the special option to book Julia Troninas One Woman Comedy Show program called Latinakatze Show with her own songs mixed with theatre of the absurd and modern dance.

Peter Nitsche
Erna, the Polish Cleaning Lady has a distinct outlook on society.

One woman, one stage, one guitar, one kazoo and four characters are the ingredients of Julia Troninas One Woman program Latinakatze Show. When Erna, the always grumpy grandchildless mother, Celestina, the men hating but seducing bawd, Helena, the unloved manic-depressive prostitute and Nagelsusi, the fame-greedy nail designer are crossing life paths, funny and absurd situations with sharp-tounged dialogues and amusing monologues are pre­programmed.

Singer & Songwriter

Say something (cover) by Julia Tronina with characters of Latinakatze Show

Julia Tronina’s own music genre is a diverse mixture of acoustic pop/rock, international folk music, latin pop, classical and musical influences and polish gypsy music. She is singing in English, Spanish, German and Polish, playing classical guitar and kazoo.

The following are some of Julia Tronina’s Demo songs that are written, sang and composed by her.

1. Do what you love – Original Demo song by Julia Tronina
2. La vida es más – Original Demo song by Julia Tronina
3. Amorama – Original Demo song by Julia Tronina
4. Life for a week – Original Demo song by Julia Tronina

Songs 1. to 3. are produced at Spalding Studios by the wonderful Johannes Hoffmann and collaborated with extraordinary musicians: Günther Haas (Guitar), Ralph Klienzmann (Bass) and Nancho Campos (Percussion & Drums). The 4th song is produced by the great Bernte Eklund and talented Turnrivers, who also played all the instruments.

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What influences your music and songwriting?

“I started songwriting when I was 12 years old. However, when I studied musical theatre I decided to devote more time to my guitar in 2018, I couldn’t stop covering songs and ideas for new songs flooded me and still do. Pop and classical musical songs and singing techniques are a big influence in my songwriting but also singer songwriter and pop rock music, Latin American music and dances, gipsy music, actually anything from the 60s until now. I am feeling constantly inspired and have incredible fun writing and playing songs for myself, my characters or other people. Most of my ideas I get when I am exploring the world as a travelling musician with my travel mate teddy bear Herr Bert. It is all about connecting with nature – especially water – and people that I meet when I share my music and message in the streets and in venues. You can follow my music and performing art journey on my personal Instagram page “Latinakatze”.

What are your songs about?

“I think the question for me is less “what” but “why” and which message and energy I want to transmit with my music. And this I can describe in one word: Love. It is the highest vibration we have in this world, and my biggest goal with my music is to contribute to self-empowerment of the people and a reality where we live together in peace, support each other, want to see everybody grow and shine and allow them to just be who they are.
I guess a big part of my songs are having a healing function. They are describing a situation of my own experience, of a character or of a person I know, where someone is struggling to excess love and is stuck in negative thinking. I like writing about that, to give space for emotions, to heal and to find the way back into love.”

Besides the skilled vocalist likes to collaborate and support other artists. She took part as a vocalist i.a. in a music video of the Pink Tones “Atom Heart Mother” live Segóbriga Roman Amphitheater, in Tale.act.Entertainments and friends “Seht ihr uns nicht” and in the Musical Daimyo “Fire in the house”.


The German-born mezzo-soprano with polish roots received her musical diploma with honours in Vienna in February 2020 and is since then unstoppable building her career as a performing artist.

During her training she played Helena (main role) in Shakespeare´s play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at the WUK in Vienna, starred in Bizets opera “Carmen” at the summer festival in Kittsee as a choir singer and main dancer. In 2019 she successfully participated as a scholarship holder in the master class for “Musical singing and interpretation” of Meisterklassen Gutenstein under the direction of René Rumpold.

Since 2019, Julia Tronina has been involved in the world premiere of the vintage musical “Die Rose des Kaisers” as a soloist (Trude) and dance captain of the ensemble. Furthermore she dances ballet and wing dance at Domino Blues circus show “Oasis – Artists, Drums and Fire” and represents Audrey (lead role) in Ashman´s “The Little Shop of Horrors”.

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Furthermore Julia Tronina is also acting in front of the camera. The last short film she participated in was i.a. from Eduardo Mandim and The Birdman Project “Because they were not distracted” that was also a part of a music video from Anchor the Sun – Roaming Dreams.


Julia Tronina dances since she can walk, starting with folklore dances and ballet. As a child and teenager she danced on stage as a competitive ballroom dancer in Latin American dances in the B class. Moreover she was a member of Helen Rosenthal-Struck’s modern Jazz dance ensemble.

The extraordinary dancer participated also in hip-hop dance groups for many years and has a lot of experience in leading dance groups of any age and style (Ballett, Jazz, Hip Hop, Latin American dances, fitness dance etc.) likewise as a choreographer.

An addition to that she created her own modern dance style, which is a mixture of Latin dances, Jazz dance, Hip Hop and Modern dance. You can see her performing it in her shows.


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